github oracle/oci-ansible-collection v2.32.0

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2 years ago

[2.32.0] - 2021-10-07


  • Support for creating autonomous database and clones on shared infrastructure that do not require mTLS
  • Support to check if an autonomous database on shared infrastructure requires mTLS, with added field is_mtls_connection_required
  • Support to get connection string profiles for an autonomous database on shared infrastructure, with added field profiles in connectionStrings
  • Support for setting message format when creating and updating alarms in the Monitoring service.
  • Support for network security groups in the Functions service.
  • Support for signed container images in the Functions service.
  • Support for using Network Security Groups with API Gateway
  • Support for scheduled jobs in Database Management service
  • Get a summary of job execution status for Database Management service
  • Support for storage modules for Logging Analytics service.
  • Support for software package search in os management


  • Minimum required OCI Python SDK changed to 2.47.0
  • Return None response for upload action in os management event content

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