github oracle/oci-ansible-collection v2.25.0

latest releases: v4.40.0, v4.39.0, v4.38.0...
3 years ago


  • Elastic Storage feature for Exadata Infrastructure and Vm Cluster resources for ExaCC
  • Support for migrating OKE cluster with a public Kubernetes API Endpoint that is not integrated with your VCN to a VCN-Native cluster (more secure)
  • Support for managing container scan recipes and targets in Vulnerability Scanning Service
  • Support to update iscsiLoginState for a VolumeAttachment
  • encryption_in_transit_type parameter in oci_compute_volume_attachment module
  • parameters_config parameter in oci_management_dashboard_actions module.
  • parameters_map sub-parameter under tiles parameter in oci_management_dashboard_actions module
  • Support for 'host_name' and 'is_database_instance_level_metrics' parameters in Operations Insights (opsi) service
  • Data Safe support for registration and management of target databases.
  • support for sparkVersion property in the DataFlow Application
  • support for is_data_ever_ingested return parameter for log_analytics_namespace modules.


  • Instance configuration creation from instance issue
  • logging file permission issue



  • For Management Dashboard Service, fields freeform_tags and defined_tags removed from the response for the action export_dashboard.
  • For DataFlow Application, property spark_version is required for create

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