github oracle/oci-ansible-collection v2.22.0

latest releases: v4.40.0, v4.39.0, v4.38.0...
3 years ago


  • Support for Golden Gate service
  • Support for Marketplace Service Catalog
  • Operations Insights support for Enterprise Manager external databases and Management Agent Service managed external databases and hosts
  • Support for enabling and disabling Operations Insights for External Non-Container and External Pluggable Databases.
  • Support for Data Masking in cloud guard
  • Support for autonomous database on Exadata Cloud at Customer infrastructure patching in the Database service
  • Support for getting a list of tablespaces for a specified Managed Database
  • Support for getting the list of database parameters for the specified Managed Database. The parameters are listed in alphabetical order, along with their current values.
  • Support for changing the database parameters' values for the specified Managed Database
  • Support for resetting the database parameters' values to their default or startup values for the specified Managed Database.
  • Support for getting RAC related details for a fleet of databases, managed database, and summary metrics as part of Database Management Service
  • Improved announcement email preferences by introducing preference types Opt-In Tenant Announcement, Opt-In Tenant And Informational Announcements, and Opt-Out All Announcements options
  • Support for SDK resource in Apigatway service
  • Support change_compartment action in compute_management_instance_configuration
  • Added db_system_display_name, region hostvars for db hosts in inventory plugin
  • Support for Vault actions - create_vault_replica, delete_vault_replica and change_compartment
  • oci_database_db_node_facts module now returns primary_public_ip and primary_private_ip as well


  • DB Home patching with database software image issue
  • Duplicate aliases for parameters instance_pool_id and instance_id in the module oci_compute_management_instance_pool_instance_facts module. Now only instance_pool_id has the alias id
  • Idempotence issue for remove_export_drg_route_distribution action in oci_network_drg_attachment_actions module


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