github oracle/oci-ansible-collection v2.21.0

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3 years ago


  • Support for delegation_token based authentication for Inventory Plugin
  • Support for forceful deletion of a non-empty Object Storage bucket
  • Support for business name annotation of harvested objects in Data Catalog
  • Support to customer contacts feature for autonomous database
  • Support for display_name to be used in the hostname_format of the inventory plugin for compute instances
  • Introducing Graph Studio Url option in the connection urls
  • Expanding DRG functionality in the Networking Service
    • More than one VCN can be attached to a DRG
    • Flexible routing inside DRG enables packet flow between any two attachments
    • Routing policy to customize dynamic import/export of routes
  • Support for opt out of DNS record during instance launch, as well as attaching secondary VNICs
  • Support for option to opt-in and opt-out of live migration at an instance level
  • Support for mutable sizes on cluster networks
  • Support for SDK generation feature in the API Gateway service
  • Support for KMS Cross Regional Replication of Keys
  • Support for request validation policies within the deployment specification in the API Gateway service
  • Support to configure an API Gateway with an external RESP-compliant response cache and to configure response caching on a per-route basis for Deployments
  • purge_route_rules and delete_route_rules options to oci_network_route_table module to allow adding and deleting specific rules
  • Support for setting the auto-tiering property for a bucket
  • Support for creation, updation and deletion of entity_type for Log Analytics.
  • Support for resource_action in policies declaration in autoscaling service


  • Idempotence issue for bulk_add_virtual_circuit_public_prefixes and bulk_delete_virtual_circuit_public_prefixes actions in oci_network_virtual_circuit_actions module
  • Issue with logging exceptions in inventory plugin


  • Updated python supported versions to >=3.6 in the documentation
  • Parameter specification is marked optional for API deployment create in the API Gateway service
  • vcn_id is now optional for listing vlans in oci_network_vlan_facts module
  • corporate proxy field is now optional when a creating exadata infrastructure
  • Please update to the latest version of OCI Python SDK

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