github oracle/oci-ansible-collection v2.18.0

latest releases: v4.40.0, v4.39.0, v4.38.0...
3 years ago


  • Support change compartment for all the supported services (except database)
  • Support for Database groups in Database management service
  • Support for Routing Policies in Load Balancer Service
  • Support for Auto-Scale Configs in Big Data Service
  • Support for Log Analytics Log groups and entities
  • Support for File System Service Clones Feature
  • Support for enabling disabling message map flag on SCH Service
  • Support for SMS subscriptions through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications service
  • Support for searching OCI resources in another tenancy
  • Support updating OCE instance usage type
  • Support for private clusters to the Container Engine for Kubernetes service
  • Modules oci_opsi_database_insights_facts and oci_opsi_sql_searches_facts in opsi service



  • Module oci_apigateway_waas_certificate_facts is deprecated use oci_apigateway_certificate_facts instead
  • Module oci_apigateway_waas_certificate is deprecated use oci_apigateway_certificate instead

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