github oracle/oci-ansible-collection v2.16.0

latest releases: v4.40.0, v4.39.0, v4.38.0...
3 years ago


  • Support for external databases
  • Support for importing and exporting Management Dashboards.
  • Support for exporting an existing running VM, or a copy of VM, into a VMDK, QCOW2, VDI, VHD, or OCI formatted image in the Compute service
  • Support for platform configurations on instances in the Compute service
  • Support for enabling and disabling Oracle Cloud Agent plugins in the Compute service
  • Support for NG-VPN Multiple Encryption Domain and Public Logging
  • Support for listing available plugins and for getting the status of plugins in the Oracle Cloud Agent service
  • Support for listing errata in the OS Management service
  • Support for returning object metadata and other header information in object modules. Resolves Github Issue
  • Support for load balancer shape update for a BlockchainPlatform


  • Issue with reencrypt object action return value.
  • Issue with inventory plugin generating inventory for instances with multiple vnics having valid hostname_format for secondary vnics but not the primary vnic.


  • Please update to the latest version of OCI Python SDK.
  • Disabled the logs for inventory plugin by default to reduce the noise. Can be enabled using the debug flag.

Breaking Changes

  • Parameter idcs_access_token is now required to create a blockchain platform in oci_blockchain_platform module

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