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opentrack 2.3.9


Software dedication

The software is dedicated to my late cat, Koszka. He loved sleeping on my chest, and his gentle purring made opentrack development that much more pleasant. He was a darling to all of our family and a great friend. You can see Koszka on the photo album <>.

Stability status

No important issues raised for 3 weeks as of 20170907.


This is a bugfix release.

  • fix sliders from 2.3.7-and-before configs being reset
  • filter/accela: revert gain value changes -- reported by @petsild, #665
  • tracker/pt: contours are inaccurate, revert them entirely


  • tracker/pt: auto threshold slider now scales point size to lower resolutions
  • tracker/s2bot: new tracker interacting with the Smalltalk Squeak environment -- submitted by @achipa, #650
  • fix Linux and OSX builds -- submitted by @MrCapone, #668, #669
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