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opentrack 2.3.7


Stability status

Has multiple bugs, breaking trackers and other basic functionality.


  • The SteamVR tracker for HTC Vive now works. Big thanks to @KydDynoMyte for testing multiple builds in a row, and soliciting outside testing. It was ascertained that yaw works +-180 deg, pitch works +-180 deg, and roll works +-90 as it should be.
  • The "Fusion" tracker allows for receiving rotation and position data from two trackers. This was requested over a few years by multiple users.
  • The "Test" tracker allows for crashing the application on demand. Truly a feature of the year!
  • Mapping: fix points disappearing when moved close together in a particular way.
  • Mostly fix keyboard shortcuts on Linux. Thanks to @miniskipper for starting the work. -- issue #577
  • Fix bitrot in the X-Plane plugin, by @miniskipper -- issue #623
  • After pressing "toggle", "toggle while held" will enable the tracker while held. Previously it always disabled while held.


  • Install debug information along with the program. Because of this, it's way easier for users to report hard-to-find crashes.
  • Don't rebuild every single module if core library has only unit file .cpp changes, and no header changes. Greatly speeds up release builds.
  • tracker/hatire: try detect 100% cpu serial bug automatically.
  • Fix forcefully unloading QLibrary. It should now work on Linux also without _Exit(2).
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