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opentrack 2.3.13



  • Easy Tracker: Adding support for Clip models where three vertices are arranged from top to bottom (by @Slion).
  • Apply dark theme on Windows if user enabled it in system settings (by @Slion).
  • Now the Octopus pose is fully consistent with the aircraft pilot head pose. Also You can now see the mirror Octopus pose if set the Mirror checkbox to ON (by @GO63-samara).
  • More compact size of the main window, as in Opentrack-2.3.10.

Bugs fixed

  • Again, WiiPointTracker now appears in the input trackers list.
  • Updated PS3 Eye open driver (by @sthalik).
  • Easy Tracker: Disable Kinect distortion coefficients usage thus notably fixing badly broken Z component in translation vector (by @Slion).
3 months ago