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opentrack 2.3.12


  • Experimental support for the PS3 Eye open driver! To use it, install libusb as the driver for "interface 0" of the camera device.
  • Add color keying support for the PT tracker: you can now track plain colors (by @a1k0n).
  • Switch RealSense SDK to 2016 R3 for newer camera support.
  • Linux joystick tracker (by @russell).
  • Some improvements to the Linux Proton output method (by @jp7677, @russell).

Bugs fixed

  • Fix .csv logging crash when cancel pressed in dialog.
  • Fix "start in tray" condition inverted.
  • Allow dynamic pose for caps.
  • Support F13-F24 as valid shortcuts on Windows on some gaming keyboards.
  • Fix game detector "enabled" checkbox not reverting when cancel pressed in dialog.
  • Fix yaw/roll jumping when crossing the +-180 border (by @GO63-samara).
  • Add Hamilton filter (by @GO63-samara).
  • Fix vjoystick again (for real this time!).
  • Fix stuck keyboard shortcuts with modifiers when depressing the modifier key first.
  • Update OVR SDK to 1.43.0. Now using the official binary release.
latest release: opentrack-2.3.13
9 months ago