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opentrack 2.3.11 BETA3

See the top post of #778 for a partial changelog. There's no full changelog available at this moment, sorry. Please report old and new bugs by creating new issues on the issue tracker. It can be used as a forum as well.

I'm sorry for not crediting bug reporters at this moment. They'll be credited in 2.3.11 final. Also, hopefully this is the last beta for this release.


  • 🍰 implement Kinect tracker (by @Slion)
  • 🔧 main: fix freeze in mapping window while tracking
  • 🔧 tracker/pt: fix tracking for caps
  • 🔧 proto/simconnect: fix it (didn't work at all)
  • 🔧 proto/vjoystick: fix it (didn't work at all)
  • 🔧 🍰 main: change center method

More BETA3 changes

  • 🔧 main: show more ruler lines in mapping dialog
  • 🔧 tracker/wii: fix crash and logic error on startup
  • 🔧 main: fix camera/octopus freezes on HiDPI
  • 🍰 tracker/aruco: add 50 Hz to framerate options
  • 🍰 tracker/pt: scale the camera feed UI better on 320x240
  • 🔧 proto/wine: more robust Wine detection in CMake
  • 🔧 proto/win32-mouse: add legacy mouse move method (drifts a lot)
  • 🔧 main: fix build with Qt 5.11 and above
  • 🔧 main: build faster with GNU Make
  • 🔧 main: show source line in debug messages
  • 🔧 main: disable modules that don't work on Linux
  • 🔧 main: disable modules that only work on Intel
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