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Changes since

Stability status

Individual fixes were tested by users reporting the issues. No widespread usage yet. I recommend you to try it, in case of issues report a bug and go back to the previous build.


  • PT, aruco: the calibrator will now work even if you look at the same spot for a while, and you calibrate with varying speed. -- a major pain reported by many, recently discussed with @Len62 and @MathijsG in #575
  • aruco: now uses the exact same calibration code as PT, with above improvement


  • PT: correct logic error relating to camera reopen with resolution/fps change during tracking
  • accela: doesn't do a large movement when moving from +180 to -180. This is for inertial trackers. - #533, reported by @Ounicron
  • the "custom center pose" ignores mapping and doesn't affect relative translation as it's not meant to. -- #572, reported by @olegiy
  • cmake: some msvc fixes
  • PT: simplify camera vs tracker code. we'd like to reuse the camera code for other camera-based trackers eventually.
  • cmake, dinput, compat: fix minor bugs no one ever run into
  • I started going over the modules with a disassembler to verify optimized code quality. For now it's a start but I plan to do it more.

Done for the next version

  • HTC Vive works for 6DOF (issue #352, work done by @subnet-)
  • Accela filter works well with diagonal and circular movement

What to expect next

  • Assistive technology support for controlling the computer other than the traditional keyboard and mouse. It's meant to help quadriplegic people, as well as paraplegic suffering muscle pain due to heavy arm use.
  • We're still missing fully working code for the HTC Vive and Tobii EyeX trackers.
  • Implementing Linux/OSX joystick support is a pushover thanks to the QtGamepad module.
latest releases: opentrack-2.3.13, opentrack-2.3.12, opentrack-2.3.11...
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