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This is a stable release

We haven't had critical bugs reported in a while so you can consider this release stable.

Changes since 2.3.0


  • Russian translation updated by @mrsanchos, thank you!
  • Allow setting max X value for mappings
  • Allow a second keybinding for each function, e.g. one for joystick and second for keyboard.
  • PT: with correct fov and model size in mm will show real-life distance in centimeters.
  • Add "neck displacement" feature general for all input and output schemes.
  • PT: add improved centering code by @DaMichel. It's particularly significant for LEDs shining evenly bright across their entire space.
  • aruco: try different parameters if can't detect the marker
  • mouse output: fix small differences not accumulating
  • fix simconnect X axis sign
  • hotfix1 the software now defaults to the camera center method in empty configs
  • hotfix3 PT: show used radius for each point; this helps choose the correct slider position with auto-threshold.


  • hotfix1 accidentally the cancel button and closing the dialogs didn't revert the settings to saved values
  • hotfix1 pressing escape to close a dialog will now act like the cancel button also, before it never did
  • hotfix2 hotfix1 broke saving the options dialog -- issue #557, reported by @hollywood156
  • hotfix3 don't crash with camera preview on startup for PT and aruco; thanks to @mrsanchos for searching for affected users; thanks to paseznik for installing Visual Studio and allowing remote control of his PC!
  • hotfix4 fix "max rotation/translation" selectable in mapping window only applying after the mapping window is first opened -- issue #568, reported by @flycrshish

The release logo was made by @mrsanchos. Thanks 🐈!


  • Accela defaults changed. Rotation nonlinearity got documented in the settings dialog.
  • PT camera only reopens if some of its settings were actually changed.
  • Remove broken experimental center mode
  • Fix process detector horizontal scrollbar that shouldn't be there
  • Disable relative translation by default -- reported by @mrsanchos
  • PT: enable auto threshold by default
  • aruco: increase max detectable marker size -- requested by many since forever
  • code quality changes in random places
  • hotfix1 build system fixed relating to translation support -- in collaboration with @mrsanchos
  • hotfix1 source code is installed fully now
  • hotfix1 in case "invert" option is used, do it before transformations; relative pose and friends
  • hotfix1 PT: the preview window's text and crosses look perfectly sharp and accurate now
  • hotfix1 PT and aruco video preview don't slow down the user interface anymore
  • hotfix1 PT: finding LED centers should be slightly more accurate now
  • hotfix1 PT: in case we can't get a frame, don't use 100% of the CPU; wait for 100 ms before each attempt; don't try for 100 times, try only 5 times -- issue #552, reported by @MathijsG
  • hotfix1 simplify, correct some code and move common code outside the gui module; simplify the keyboard listener in the options dialog
  • hotfix1 correct layout in the options window -- fixes Russian translation issues
  • hotfix1 fix build errors on Linux; it won't be officially supported despite that of course
  • hotfix1 fix keyboard shortcuts on Linux; they won't block the key in the user interface, won't suddenly stop working etc
  • hotfix2 fix memory leaks in the options system; now Valgrind is silent for "definite leaks" but see 1b01642dda7ae8bbf3e74a979ffcf7941a8ae2b9's long description.
  • hotfix3 units for position in the mapping window are now shown as cm, not mm, as it ought to be; this is purely cosmetic
  • hotfix4 fix Linux hotkeys. Linux users are expected to build directly from unstable and aren't entitled to support however. This is an OS for developers.
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