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opentrack 2.3.0 release candidate 15

Please report bugs

We're close to stable release. Please report bugs on the issue tracker. They actually get fixed once reported.


  • Add Oculus Rift SDK 1.4.0.
  • Add translation support! The main interface now has a Russian translation (thanks to Alexander Orokhovatskiy) as well as Dutch (Thanks @MathijsG). More modules are planned for translating into Russian.
  • Fix Aruco solver going bonkers. This took a while. Thanks to @Emton for reporting it again and testing several versions.
  • Fix rotation nonlinearity's discontinuity in Accela. You need to increase your nonlinearity values a bit.


  • The mappings are now drawn antialiased.
  • Fix joystick tracker swapping sign on maximum values.
  • Resize the game detector interface to full options window size.
  • Code maintainability improvements.
  • Reword some descriptions in the user interface.
  • Allow for disabling program translation (interface in different languages, not translation as in "position").
  • Remove camera offset from centered position checkbox. It doesn't work properly, and probably doesn't make sense.
  • Fix an infinite loop bug during tracking. This probably hasn't occured to anyone.
  • Remove disabling axis for relative translation. Leave only the option to disable the Z value. -- removed from the build due to feedback.
  • Don't consume too much memory for each mapping. Please report if Accela is too jumpy.

In progress

  • Support for SteamVR controllers. We already receive the data but need to perform geometric transformations which aren't yet implemented.
  • Joystick input for Linux and OSX. It can be tested on Windows so it's not a big deal.
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