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opentrack 2.3.0 release candidate 14

Core changes

  • Unbreak auto translation camera offset when used together with relative translation -- tested by @Len62, #473
  • Prevent freeze on multi-display desktops -- debug info by @kzfr, #469
  • The Octopus is now more slim and not square.
  • Higher snap in the mapping window. It was so small that hitting the right value was a pain.
  • Don't allow points to occupy the same place when dragging in the mapping window. Bug allowed that to happen in some cases.

Module changes

  • PT: Don't call calibration more often than intended.
  • PT, aruco: Don't delay camera stop artificially.
  • PT: display tracker info immediately, and don't refresh it when tracking is stopped.
  • freetrack: support few more games.

Known bugs

These didn't make it in time sadly. The multi-display bug is serious enough to release now rather than fix more known issues.

  • Aruco still has solver problems resulting in nonsensical poses.
  • The FreePIE app won't show debug sensor data unless "send raw" is selected also.
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