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opentrack 2.3.0 release candidate 13

  • Translation compensation got renamed to relative translation. Also, effect of each rotation axis on translation can be disabled, and each translation axis can be excluded from relative translation.
  • Mapping snap got lowered to (1, 1) and (.5, .5) for rotation and translation respectively. We have tooltips so it's not a problem.
  • Tracking stop won't reset unsaved dialog changes. Only closing a dialog without saving will reset unsaved changes.
  • Tracking will try very hard to keep running at constant framerate (250 Hz). Previously it only adjusted based on the last delta.
  • The Octopus now has larger resolution, and looks more correct when rolled.
  • Trackers submitting rotation over +-180 will have it normalized.
  • PT tracker had too small auto threshold point area. We forgot to multiply by Pi. Now the area is larger by 3.14.
  • PT tracker finds point centers a bit more accurately.
  • Some Accela settings had their maximum values reduced to prevent user confusion. They didn't make sense at these high values.
  • Settings dialog in PT and Aruco won't show itself for A4 TECH cameras, in addition to PS3 Eye. The former crash when trying to open the dialog.
  • All Rift versions now work without gimbal lock. It was only tested on 0.8.0 but the code is pretty much the same for all the versions.
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4 years ago