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opentrack 2.3.0 release candidate 8

recalled due to freetrack protocol accidentally broken

  • PointTracker had a very nasty bug that may have lead to crashes (fix by @DaMichel)
  • Fix some joystick tracker bugs, as well as how it interacts with keybindings.
  • Changing protocol/tracker/filter used to save options. Now the settings are separated. You need to select your input/output/filter again.
  • Some code cleanups with regard to settings handling.
  • Stuff reloads better on profile change, in particular the mappings window and keybinding labels.
  • Joystick POV hats can now be used for keybindings.
  • Points can now be put closer together on the mapping screen.
  • Roll no longer interconnects with pitch for camera trackers.
  • For Linux, opentrack binary is installed in bin/ while the input/output/filter modules are installed in libexec/opentrack relative to the prefix.
  • Update VJoy binary.
  • Fix compile using Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 update 3 (fixes by @DaMichel)
  • 64-bit builds on Windows and 32-bit on Linux now work without additional hassle.
  • Intel RealSense tracker now also has a 64-bit impl library. It also links statically with either of the impl libraries.
  • Preinitialize Aruco pose with the DLS solver before LM solver.
  • Fix Kalman timer but it's still not working right (by @DaMichel)

@DaMichel is now a project member, welcome!

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