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opentrack 2.3.0 prerelease 3

  • Accela UI labels don't get smaller or larger as that resized the sliders by accident
  • Camera offset axis shift value sign fixed
  • A test tracker outputting a sine wave
  • Significant config saving performance improvements. The "ok" button is way faster now. At least ten times. On Windows it was slow even on an SSD.
  • Config is only saved if there are actual changes, not if e.g. user clicked and then changed back.
  • Compiler changed. The software should be slightly faster.
  • Qt updated to 5.6.1
  • Library interface split into "logic" and "api". This eases compile times for developers and helps third-party plugin developers.
  • Kalman filter got removed since it never worked correctly.
  • User interface elements renamed. It should be easier for new users. See #371
  • Internal code architecture and code improvements.

We're close to the point release but please report any bugs. Let's make the 2.3.0 final release count!

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4 years ago