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The opentrack-2.3 branch is dedicated to my late cat, Koszka. He died of circulatory failure following unexplained food/otherwise poisoning. He was an amazing cat, and many days I've spent improving opentrack He sat on my lap, insisting that I lean backwards, so that He can climb on my chest and be closer. He can never be replaced. You can see how He looked like on Google Photos I'm not present on any of these photos as this isn't about me.

Please report any crash bugs or other serious bugs immediately on the issue tracker. We'll address them with priority. This version is meant to become 2.3.0 so let's make it count.

We're switching to semantic versioning. This doesn't directly affect development or features. You can ignore the sudden jump in "release candidate" number.

The face tracker is temporarily disconnected from the build. It has many problems and hasn't worked well. It's gonna come back after its tracking performance is satisfactory. It won't make it for 2.3.0.

  • Allow games to use the freetrack protocol mapping data when running as any other user. This might help with ED not working but the problem might be completely different.
  • Always ensure at least one mapping point exists. Previously, it was only added after reopening the mapping dialog.
  • Joystick buttons, also combined with keyboard modifiers can be used in place of keyboard shortcuts (report issues in #118)
  • Code and build system quality fixes users won't notice
  • Mapping widget points are snapped to grid for increased precision.
  • patchlevel 1 joystick tracker won't freeze/crash on tracking stop (joystick support discussed in #267)
  • patchlevel 1 updated Intel RealSense SDK to release 5
  • patchlevel 1 on Windows, now possible to bind to the Delete key
  • patchlevel 2 on Windows, fix more regressions caused by joystick keybinding support
    • joystick tracker shouldn't lag anymore
    • runaway thread won't use up all processing on a single CPU core
  • patchlevel 2 aruco logic for switching detection modes got changed. see e1ae4a738c011fbbe44e5203cc304dacb6489768
  • patchlevel 2 updated Intel RealSense SDK to release 5-HF1
  • patchlevel 3 allow higher velocity for Accela with higher deltas
  • patchlevel 3 fix typo in joystick code causing crashes - report further issues in #267
  • patchlevel 3 aruco: use only Otsu thresholding
  • patchlevel 3 aruco: use single box filter size always
  • patchlevel 3 aruco: use smaller search window for less CPU usage (thanks @frost555)
  • patchlevel 4 joystick tracker won't lag or skip for some users
  • patchlevel 4 allow for start/stop/toggle tracking shortcuts
  • patchlevel 4 builds are now smaller due to workaround for a GNU binutils bug at dshow.h allowing for more pruning
  • patchlevel 5 PT: adjust histogram size to make automatic thresholding work acceptably fast
  • patchlevel 5 no longer consume one CPU core constantly for joystick detection on some users' machines. Joystick detection now only happens when tracking gets started.
  • patchlevel 5 app:
    • use transparent Octopus, drop Its borders. Beware of the Octopus.
    • make the UI slightly more compact
  • patchlevel 6 speed up the PT tracker by about 40%
  • patchlevel 6 mapping window and tracking startup no longer takes up to 1 second due to high CPU load
  • patchlevel 6 drop the margin to the left of the video feed
  • patchlevel 7 don't update the main interface while opentrack is minimized
  • patchlevel 7 speed up PT tracker widget code
  • patchlevel 7 don't crash the PT tracker on wildly incorrect extraction settings
  • patchlevel 7 more precise auto thresholding, again. The slowdown was caused by something else.
  • patchlevel 8 correct a UI copy-paste error in shortcut list
  • patchlevel 8 freetrack: new game support
  • patchlevel 8 main ui fix for high DPI screens
  • patchlevel 8 RealSense face tracker now supports a video feed and is more simple architecture-wise
  • patchlevel 9 fix PT crashing at startup. The bug was introduced while speeding up PT operation.
  • patchlevel 10 fix PT discontinuity on extreme rotation
  • patchlevel 11 fix missing hatire tracker dependency in Windows build (reminded by @huliqan in #139)
  • rc49p0 hatire simplified. 200 lines of code removed with no loss of functionality. Thanks to @drdanilov21 for providing serial comm dump. I couldn't do any hatire work without it.
  • rc49p0 hatire workaround for 100% cpu on some devices and/or serial converters.
  • rc49p0 remove confusion between tracking not started vs no feed, by @ph0b
  • rc49p0 add shortcuts for zero and toggle while a key is held, only. Only on Windows.
  • rc49p0 add tracker reset global shortcut. Fixes intermittent breakage in trackers with global state.
  • rc49p0 OSX and Linux keybindings fixed. Previously resulted in crashes.
  • rc49p0 RealSense offers to install driver if device detected in the post-installation stage.
  • rc49p0 free up bindings for already-bound keys while binding another key on OSX and Linux.
  • rc49p0 cleanups to numeric code that aren't visible to end users
  • rc49p0 The Octopus no longer gets high on PCP and LSD when exactly perpendicular to the screen (e.g. 90 deg pitch), see #356.
  • rc49p0 PT tracker auto threshold slider becomes meaningful (see #355 for a technical explanation).
  • rc49p0 code and build system cleanups invisible to end-users
  • rc49p0 fix OSX crash bug due to missing QtSerialPort in the binary version.
  • rc49p0 require separate build directory. Helps user experience when building on Linux. Common source and build directory causes build breakage.
  • rc49p0 workaround for freetrack protocol enabled even if opentrack is stopped.
  • rc49p0 some new compiler optimization flags used. Please report new crashes on the issue tracker with your CPU model.
  • rc49p1 crash in the Aruco tracker fixed (#329, data by @Emton)
  • rc49p1 internal code and build system improvements
  • rc49p2 camera dialog works with more webcams. PS3 Eye still broken in the camera dialog despite investigating.
  • rc49p2 internal build system fixes
  • rc49p2 freetrack protocol "remove dll path after quit" works better now
  • rc49p2 Intel RealSense tracker SDK updated
  • rc49p2 Intel RealSense tracker more robust and cleaned up (@ph0b)
  • rc49p2 Numeric cleanups. Mapping dialog may work a bit faster.
  • rc49p2 Dialog related API cleanups. Please report any breakage in tracker, protocol, or filter dialogs on the issue tracker!!! Thanks.
  • rc49p2 Shortcuts now check for exact shift, alt, ctrl modifiers. Binding F11 won't use ctrl+F11 in opentrack, for instance. (requested by white-fang on BMS forum).

I'll upload the OSX build somewhat later. -sh 20160610T0947CET

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