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opentrack 2.3.0 release candidate 10

  • tracker/pt: point extraction code got replaced with the original version by Patrick Ruoff.
  • tracker/pt: dynamic pose was utterly broken accidentally.
  • tracker/pt: dynamic pose auto-resets if point is away from the last position by more than 8 pixels.
  • install cleye.config also to modules directory. the PS3 Eye camera should allow for full fps range now.
  • filter/kalman: rewritten by @DaMichel. it's way better than old broken Kalman we had. give it a try.
  • filter/accela: add rotation nonlinearity slider. It helps when there's noise at the beginning but high sensitivity is undesirable (almost always).
  • filter/accela: even without nonlinearity there should be less noise at the beginning.
  • experimental option for "offset translation based on camera center" with caveat.
  • it's now possible to log tracking output to a CSV file (@DaMichel).
  • config file is checked for writability. If the file can't be read and written, a warning pops up.
  • window element color also gets applied for user interface, not just overall control shape.
  • gui: mapping window background doesn't look that bad anymore.
  • scaling for HiDPI displays should work better now.
  • camera feeds for tracker/{aruco,pt} should now work with HiDPI.
  • The Octopus and video feed from camera don't get displayed when they're occluded, for performance.
  • wrong formula for matrix -> euler was used. use the right Tait-Bryan formula.
  • official binaries are somewhat smaller.
  • each build will now include source code.
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