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opentrack 2.3 rc 19 patchlevel 3


We are no longer bound by the terms of GNU GPL since all remaining code is now licensed under permissive BSD/MIT/ISC. I'd like to thank Wim Vriend from FaceTrackNoIR for licensing under ISC the code that previously bound under the terms of GNU copyleft.

When using with Elite Dangerous use the installer. The game has issues when opentrack isn't installed to a globally-accessible location. Furthermore, install to the same drive as ED is installed on.

  • Fixes important Accela bug introduced in rc16. Looking around isn't jerky like it used to since then.
  • Accela is now more sensitive like rc15 used to.
  • Keybindings can now use all three (shift, ctrl, alt) modifiers, and work properly with non-qwerty layouts. No joystick bindings just yet.
  • PT now supports automatic threshold. Slider controls point size in pixels, and lighting becomes irrelevant.
  • "Zero" keybinding resets to perfectly forward now
  • There are two centering modes now, making centering useful for both inertial and optical trackers.
  • Octopus is now less pixelized on the main screen.
  • Minor profile system fixes
  • patchlevel 1 Intel RealSense tracker no longer excites Qt5 bug. Qt version in Windows binaries was updated to 5.5.1-prerelease. Diagnosed by @ph0b
  • patchlevel 1 keyboard shortcuts sometimes failed to work, fixed.
  • patchlevel 2 centering is now exact and immediate for Accela.
  • patchlevel 2 PT min/max point size now has decimal places.
  • patchlevel 2 official build and cmake toolchain file now has more numerical stability on edge cases.
  • patchlevel 2 allow for binding to print screen and scroll lock.
  • patchlevel 2 keybindings on Linux and OSX no longer get stuck after being chosen just once.
  • patchlevel 3 fix Accela bug that froze tracking (see 1ed0822c27d06043a2730b652a195f37b8e57b17)
  • patchlevel 3 allow for using numpad and numlock key as keybindings
  • patchlevel 3 the same key can be now bound to multiple functions

I can now work on PT directly with own device thanks to TrackHat.

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5 years ago