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opentrack 2.3 release candidate 16

Belated release. Not all the stuff expected got in.

Note, we plan to deal with all blocker issues before issuing a final 2.3 release so that it can be "worth" a name of awaited stable version.

  • X-Plane plugin now works on OSX
  • Mapping points close to each other but with vastly different values doesn't cause jagged lines no more
  • Mapping points are prevented from colliding with each other
  • Accela rotation gain function very slightly tweaked
  • It's possible to use arbitrary keyboard bindings on all three supported platforms. It's NOT yet possible to use joystick keybindings on Windows. Please test it, it can have problems with custom keyboard layouts and Shift modifier when used together.
  • PT tracker doesn't crash anymore on some cases of camera usage
  • Closing settings windows through the "X" button cancels the modifications as was intended
  • Process detector now works also on OSX and Linux, allowing also detecting .exe names for games launched from Wine
  • aruco more robust thresholding
  • Axis remap is now done before anything else. Shows on mapping/raw values and doesn't interfere with camera pitch, offset, or compensation.
  • Same for center pose offset
  • Focal length equation for PT and aruco was corrected (?) again (???). Please test! See #201

We're going to include a new version of FreePIE app for Android as soon as it's available. It uses about 2x less CPU time, thus improving battery life.

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