github opentrack/opentrack opentrack-2.3-rc15p1
opentrack 2.3 release candidate 15 patchlevel 1

  • It's easier to contribute modules to opentrack, and to change its core functionality as the main areas have been documented. See:
  • Closing settings window by X in right top corner will cancel the changes.
  • OSX builds now result in an app bundle, suitable for Mac users.
  • FSX no longer stutters while in focus.
  • On Linux, real camera names are used.
  • "Open" button for camera settings on Linux now opens qv4l2.
  • Opening a profile now switches to it, not the first profile in the new list.
  • Calibration was removed for now because calibration files provided were invalid.
  • Mac binaries for OSX 10.8+ are provided this time (tested by @alterscape)
  • default settings for new users comprise of Accela filter and Freetrack protocol.
  • Accela translation filtering was changed. Need testing if it made it worse. Previously it was too sluggish, now may be too sharp.
  • patchlevel 1: unbreak PT tracking and calibration
  • worked around crashes when start/stopping webcam trackers really fast
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5 years ago