github opentrack/opentrack opentrack-2.3-rc13p2
opentrack 2.3 release candidate 13 patchlevel 2

Bugfix release for rc13.

  • PT now has default clip and cap dimensions basing on what freetrack recommends in their howtos.
  • SimConnect should be fixed by now, but there might still be issues with stutter in FSX version on Steam. Needs testing
  • Webcam trackers PT, aruco, HT now can open a camera dialog. HT has issues though with opening the dialog while tracking is active.
  • Mapping editor doesn't make you stop dragging a point altogether if it gets too close to another. It merely disallows movement in the direction of the point that's too close.
  • Mapping editor has the same precision regardless of max X, this could help Accela.
  • Camera angle offset is now applied correctly to translation.
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