github opentrack/opentrack opentrack-2.3-rc13
opentrack 2.3 release candidate 13 patchlevel 1


  • PT point extraction method was changed. Needs confirmation whether it requires less filtering or not.
  • PT hysteresis support has been removed.
  • PT dynamic pose resolution now has a timer on it.
  • Filtering happens again before mapping. Filtering after mapping never worked well.
  • Accela now uses a continuous mapping and not a "staircase" mapping. It improves filter behavior.
  • patchlevel 1 incorrect scaling in Accela fixed.
  • Trigonometry has lesser consequences on centering. The view should now go from -180->180 without decreasing past 90. Needs testing
  • Arma 3 BattlEye doesn't blacklist freetrack 2.0 anymore.
  • It's easier to invoke opentrack filters, protocols and trackers in separate projects.
  • Source code can be built with MS Visual Studio 2015RC, though it may crash in some places Needs testing
  • Some cases of settings resetting by themselves are fixed.
  • Issues with access permissions to .dll files should be fixed.
  • freetrack 2.0 protocol uses no synchronization Needs testing whether pose could be garbage sometimes.
  • X-Plane plugin has been updated
  • SimConnect should no longer stutter Needs testing
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5 years ago