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opentrack 2.3 release candidate 12 patchlevel 1

Various changes, along with new features late in release cycle.

  • Accela filter now allows for up to 2 degrees rotation deadzone.
  • Dialogs are cancelled by X button, even if no "Cancel" button received a click.
  • You can trigger start of tracking per executable name, using a specified profile. Tracking will stop when followed application exits.
  • Options were reorganized into "Options" and "Mapping". Most of options belong now into the former screen.
  • HT tracker loses track less frequently but uses a bit more CPU.
  • Aruco tracker tries various options if it can't acquire a marker, until one of them works.
  • Camera roll value can now be specified, not just pitch and yaw.
  • Centering was changed to minimize axis interconnect.
  • Some new games are supported.
  • PT dynamic pose resolution is default for new setups.
  • The octopus in top-right corner can now swim, not merely wiggle around.
  • Mouse tracking now finally works in games.
  • Barebones command-line operation added.
  • fixed Game detection doesn't stop tracking erratically. It also won't start back again immediately if you stop manually.

Full list of changes from 2.2 and personal thanks will follow once we finally get a final release.

Release candidate 11 was not released by accident. The preceding list of changes includes both rc11 and rc12.

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