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OpenBK7231T/OpenBeken release 1.17.122

WARNING! If installing versions tagged -alpha, please be aware these are development builds and may not be stable! Please do not flash all your devices at once! Make sure you can recover them via UART in case of unexpected issue.

OpenBK7231T/OpenBeken is a Tasmota/Esphome replacement for new Tuya modules featuring MQTT and Home Assistant compatibility. This repository is named OpenBK7231T_App, but now it's a multiplatform app, supporting build for multiple separate chips:

  • BK7231T (WB3S, WB2S, WB2L, etc)
  • BK7231N (CB2S, CB2L, WB2L_M1, etc)
  • T34 (T34 is based on BK7231N)
  • XR809 (XR3, etc)
  • BL602
  • W800 (W800-C400, WinnerMicro WiFi & Bluetooth), W801
  • W600



Refer to the following table for the usage of the various assests included in this release

BK7231TOTA UpdateOpenBK7231T_1.17.122.rbl
BK7231TCCtr FlashOpenBK7231T_UG_1.17.122.bin
BK7231TUART FlashOpenBK7231T_UA_1.17.122.bin
BK7231TSPI FlashOpenBK7231T_QIO_1.17.122.bin
BK7231NOTA UpdateOpenBK7231N_1.17.122.rbl
BK7231NCCtr FlashOpenBK7231N_UG_1.17.122.bin
BK7231NUART FlashOpenBK7231N_QIO_1.17.122.bin
BL602UART FlashOpenBL602_1.17.122.bin
BL602OTA Web AppOpenBL602_1.17.122_OTA.bin.xz.ota
W800OTA UpdateOpenW800_1.17.122_ota.img
W800UART FlashOpenW800_1.17.122.fls
W600OTA UpdateOpenW600_1.17.122_gz.img
W600UART FlashOpenW600_1.17.122.fls

CCtr Flash = Tuya cloud Cutter flash
SPI Flash can be flashed through SPI, even if you broke BK bootloader

Flashing instructions are available on the project's

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