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Release Summary

🎉 🎉 🎉 OpenEBS 3.2 is another maintenance release focused on code, tests and build refactoring along with some critical bug fixes and user enhancements. This release includes fixes for user-reported critical bugs as well as fixes and enhancements to improve the E2e test coverage.

Deprecation Notice: Jiva and cStor out-of-tree external provisioners are deprecated now in favor of the corresponding CSI Drivers. The out of tree provisioners for Jiva and cStor will stop working from Kubernetes 1.22 and forward as the version of the custom resources used by those provisioners will be deprecated. We strongly recommend you plan for migrating your volumes to cStor CSI or Jiva CSI as early as possible.

If you have any questions or need help with the migration please reach out to us on our Kubernetes Community slack channel #openebs.

Upgrade and Backward Incompatibilities

Please review this list prior to deciding to upgrade:

  • Kubernetes 1.18 or higher release is recommended as this release uses features of Kubernetes that will not be compatible with older Kubernetes releases. Some of the engines might require you to have a higher Kubernetes version as the CSI drivers have been upgraded to the latest versions. For example, Kubernetes 1.19.12 or higher is recommended for using Rawfile Local PV.
  • OpenEBS has deprecated arch-specific container images in favor of multi-arch container images. For example, images like cstor-pool-arm64:x.y.x should be replaced with corresponding multi-arch image cstor-pool:x.y.x.
  • The non-csi provisioners for cstor and jiva are not included by default with 3.0 helm chart or operator.yaml. You can still continue to use them. The older provisioners are released with the v2.12.2 version at the moment and only patch releases (to fix severe security vulnerabilities) will be supported going forward. If you need help making a decision on upgrading or migrating, please reach out to us on our Kubernetes Community slack channel #openebs.

Component versions

OpenEBS is a collection of data engines and operators to create different types of replicated and local persistent volumes for Kubernetes Stateful workloads. Kubernetes volumes can be provisioned via CSI Drivers or using Out-of-tree Provisioners. The status of the various components as of v3.2.0 are as follows:

Change Summary

A detailed Changelog is available under the component repositories listed above. The focus was to close on the refactoring and maintenance-related activities and a few bug fixes that were required for some of the components to be declared GA or beta. Here is a quick summary of what has changed since the last release.

  • Data populator (alpha)
  • Add support for log and log streams for upgrade jobs for Jiva
  • added manager errors for Jiva for better debuggability
  • fixed Jiva controller issue where service does not select controller pods
  • fixed NDM issue where disk partition cannot be released after creating lvm
  • fixed concurrent map write issue in cstor-csi
  • fixed OpenEBS security vulnerablility in github action
  • added node selector and toleration to ndm exporter
  • fixed xfs quota issue for LVM volumes in dynamic-localpv
  • made ZFS-LocalPV aware of pool import
  • fixed cstor-csi to avoid simultaneous creation and deletion of resource
  • enahanced LVM-LocalPV to pick the node for provisioning the volume where there is enough free space available
  • honor klog logging options for dynamic-localpv

In-Progress items

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MANY THANKS to our existing contributors and for everyone helping OpenEBS Community going. @AVRahul @Ab-hishek @Abhinandan-Purkait @IsAmrish @Pallavi-PH @ParthS007 @semekh @z0marlin @akhilerm @anupriya0703 @avishnu @blaisedias @chriswldenyer @cjones1024 @gila @iyashu @jonathan-teh @kmova @mittachaitu @mtzaurus @mynktl @niladrih @nsathyaseelan @paulyoong @pawanpraka1 @prateekpandey14 @rajaSahil @rakeshPRaghu @satyapriyamishra222 @shovanmaity @shubham14bajpai @tiagolobocastro @vharsh @w3aman

A very special thanks to our first-time contributors to code, tests, and docs: @csschwe, @karanssj4, @reitermarkus, @MukulKolpe, @gozssky, @adamcharnock.



OpenEBS can be installed via kubectl or helm. Follow the installation instructions here.


The upgrade instructions for various OpenEBS engines are here.

Do not upgrade if you are using legacy cstor or jiva provisioners. You have to first migrate those to the corresponding CSI Drivers. Please reach out to us for support

Known Issues

Check our open issues uncovered through e2e and community testing.


If you are having issues in setting up or upgrade, you can contact:

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