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Release Summary

OpenEBS v2.9 is another maintenance release before moving towards 3.0 primarily focusing on enhancing the E2e tests and build/release workflows. This release includes fixes for user-reported critical bugs as well as fixes and enhancements to improve the E2e test coverage. There has been some significant progress made on the alpha features as well.

Key Improvements

  • Enhanced ZFS Local PV to use a custom node label called to set the node affinity for the provisioned volume. By default, the value will be the same as Using a custom label like this will help in quickly migrating the volumes to a new node in cases where a node fails and the user needs to move the underlying disks to a new node in the cluster. After moving the disks, the user can set the with the value used in the previous node. (openebs/zfs-localpv#304). You can read more about this feature here.
  • Enhanced cStor Velero plugin to allow users to specify a custom timeout for completing snapshot operations. The timeout can be configured via the restApiTimeout field in VolumeSnapshotLocation. See example. (openebs/velero-plugin#148)
  • Added helm chart for LVM Local PV.
  • Enhanced LVM Local PV to allow users to specify a pattern string of volume groups from which LVM Local PV should be provisioned. This feature will help in cases where a node can have multiple volume groups or volume group names across the cluster have to be unique. (openebs/lvm-localpv#28)

Key Bug Fixes

  • [cStor] Fixed an issue where helm chart pre-delete webhook was using a deprecated hyperkube image. Moved to kubectl images from bitnami. (#3383)
  • [cStor] Fixed an issue where some of the cStor operators were using deprecated ubuntu 16.04 as the base image. Moved to ubuntu 18.04.(#3386)
  • Several fixes to docs were also included in this release.
  • OpenEBS participated in the CNCF BugBash program in KubeCon EU 2021 and has received more than 90 PRs, out of which 50+ were accepted.

Backward Incompatibilities

  • Kubernetes 1.18 or higher release is recommended as this release uses features of Kubernetes that will not be compatible with older Kubernetes releases.
  • OpenEBS has deprecated arch-specific container images in favor of multi-arch container images. For example, images like cstor-pool-arm64:x.y.x should be replaced with corresponding multi-arch image cstor-pool:x.y.x.

Component versions

OpenEBS is a collection of data engines and operators to create different types of replicated and local persistent volumes for Kubernetes Stateful workloads. Kubernetes volumes can be provisioned via CSI Drivers or using Out-of-tree Provisioners. The status of the various components as of v2.9.0 are as follows:

Alpha Feature Updates

  • Dynamic NFS Provisioner
    • Multi-arch container images with support for amd64, arm64, arm, and ppc64le
    • Helm chart
  • CSI Driver for Local PV Partitions
    • Support Creation and Deletion of a Local PV - by creating a partition of the requested capacity on local block devices.
  • openebsctl
    • Refactor the CLI to support APP VERB NOUN format. Example: kubectl openebs describe volume [cstor-pv-name]
    • Added support for kubectl openebs get pools
  • Monitoring-addon
    • Helm chart for setting up Prometheus operator with support for monitoring cStor pools
    • The sample dashboards will be moved to this add-on in the upcoming releases.

Other notable updates

  • OpenEBS has applied for becoming a CNCF incubation project and is currently undergoing a Storage TAG review of the project and addressing the review comment provided. One of the significant efforts we are taking in this direction is to upstream the changes done in uZFS to OpenZFS.
  • Migrated the CI pipelines from Travis to GitHub actions. (#3352)

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MANY THANKS to our existing contributors and for everyone helping OpenEBS Community going.

We are excited to welcome our new maintainers Sjors Gielen for the cStor engine and Yashpal for Local PV engines.

A very special thanks to our first-time contributors to code, tests, and docs: @jj-2020, @abhiTamrakar, @ParthS007, @Abhinandan-Purkait, @JanKoehnlein, @soniasingla, @rahulgrover99, @nisarg1499, @asquare14, @rajaSahil, @arcolife, @satyapriyamishra222, @rahul799, @is-ashish



OpenEBS can be installed via kubectl or helm3. Follow the installation instructions here.


The upgrade instructions for various OpenEBS engines are here

Known Issues

Check our open issues uncovered through e2e and community testing.


If you are having issues in setting up or upgrade, you can contact:

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