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Release Summary

OpenEBS v2.10 is another maintenance release before moving towards 3.0 primarily focusing on enhancing the E2e tests, build, release workflows, and documentation. This release also includes enhancements to improve the user experience and fixes for bugs reported by users and E2e tools. There has been some significant progress made on the alpha features as well.

Deprecation Notice: Jiva and cStor out-of-tree external provisioners will be deprecated by Dec 2021 in favor of the corresponding CSI Drivers. The out of tree provisioners for Jiva and cStor will stop working from Kubernetes 1.22 and forward as the version of the custom resources used by those provisioners will be deprecated. We strongly recommend you plan for migrating your volumes to cStor CSI or Jiva CSI as early as possible.

If you have any questions or need help with the migration please reach out to us on our Kubernetes Community slack channel #openebs.

New Capabilities

  • kubectl plugin for openebs to help manage OpenEBS components. This release includes support for displaying details about:
    • cStor Pools and volumes,
    • Jiva Volumes.
  • OpenEBS monitoring add-on A set of Grafana dashboards and Prometheus alerts for OpenEBS, packaged as helm chart. This release includes support for:
    • cStor overview dashboard
    • cStor Pools, Replicas and Volumes Dashboard
    • Jiva Volume Dashboard
    • Alerts for Volume crossing capacity threshold

A very special thanks to @cncf and 2021 LFX Mentees @ParthS007, @rahul799 for contributing to the above features!!

Key Improvements

Key Bug Fixes

  • [Local PV] Fixed an issue in CSI Controllers of LVM Local PV and Device Local PV that could potentially cause stale Volume custom resources to be created in cases where PVC gets deleted prior to completion of the create volume request. openebs/lib-csi#11
  • [Dynamic NFS] Fixed an issue with Liveness probe in the NFS provisioner. openebs/dynamic-nfs-provisioner#41
  • Several fixes to docs were also included in this release.
  • OpenEBS participated in the CNCF BugBash program in KubeCon EU 2021 and has received more than 90 PRs. This release includes several PRs from the program that were accepted after the 2.9 release.

Backward Incompatibilities

  • Kubernetes 1.18 or higher release is recommended as this release uses features of Kubernetes that will not be compatible with older Kubernetes releases.
  • OpenEBS has deprecated arch-specific container images in favor of multi-arch container images. For example, images like cstor-pool-arm64:x.y.x should be replaced with corresponding multi-arch image cstor-pool:x.y.x.

Component versions

OpenEBS is a collection of data engines and operators to create different types of replicated and local persistent volumes for Kubernetes Stateful workloads. Kubernetes volumes can be provisioned via CSI Drivers or using Out-of-tree Provisioners. The status of the various components as of v2.10.0 are as follows:

Other notable updates

  • A E2e CI Dashboard is being developed to show the status of pipelines being run on various engines. (
  • The OpenEBS Website and Documentation sites are being redesigned for a new look and feel - in preparation for 3.0 release.

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MANY THANKS to our existing contributors and for everyone helping OpenEBS Community going.

A very special thanks to our first-time contributors to code, tests, and docs: @Pallavi-PH, @sreeharimohan, @Atharex, @rakeshPRaghu, @Sanjay1611 @pankaj892



OpenEBS can be installed via kubectl or helm3. Follow the installation instructions here.


The upgrade instructions for various OpenEBS engines are here

Known Issues

Check our open issues uncovered through e2e and community testing.


If you are having issues in setting up or upgrade, you can contact:

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