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[0.1.117] - 2024-04-03


  • 🗨️ Local Chat Sharing: Share chat links seamlessly between users.
  • 🔑 API Key Generation Support: Generate secret keys to leverage Open WebUI with OpenAI libraries.
  • 📄 Chat Download as PDF: Easily download chats in PDF format.
  • 📝 Improved Logging: Enhancements to logging functionality.
  • 📧 Trusted Email Authentication: Authenticate using a trusted email header.


  • 🌷 Enhanced Dutch Translation: Improved translation for Dutch users.
  • White Theme Styling: Resolved styling issue with the white theme.
  • 📜 LaTeX Chat Screen Overflow: Fixed screen overflow issue with LaTeX rendering.
  • 🔒 Security Patches: Applied necessary security patches.

👏 Massive thanks to our incredible contributors for their hard work and dedication to making this release possible:
@Axodouble, @theasp, @jannikstdl, @Mmx233, @cheahjs, @helmanofer, @vaayne

🚀 We'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our amazing sponsors for their generous support (Note: We've excluded private sponsors from this list. If you'd like to get featured here, feel free to reach out to us!):
@MorrisLu-Taipei, @rfernandez760, @tbendien, @GenieDev101, @tusing

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