github open-wc/open-wc @open-wc/testing@3.0.0-next.0

Major Changes

  • 689c9ea3: Upgrade to support latest lit package.

    • the exports html and unsafeStatic are now deprecated we recommend to import them directly from lit/static-html.js;

    • You need to load a polyfill for the scoped registry if you wanna use the scopedElements option

    • We now enforce our entrypoints via an export map

    • The side effect free import got renamed to pure

      // old
      import { fixture } from '@open-wc/testing-helpers/index-no-side-effects.js';
      // new
      import { fixture } from '@open-wc/testing-helpers/pure';
  • a5a79a25: We now use an es module version of chai from @esm-bundle/chai.

Patch Changes

  • Updated dependencies [689c9ea3]
    • @open-wc/testing-helpers@2.0.0-next.0
latest releases: chai-a11y-axe@1.3.2-next.2, storybook-addon-markdown-docs@1.0.2-next.0, @open-wc/semantic-dom-diff@0.19.5-next.1...
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