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29 days ago

Check the v0.97.0 contrib changelog and the v0.97.0 core changelog for changelogs on specific components.


  • 5e80f5f Release version v0.97.0 (#511)
  • 095d2ba Automate release notes generation using goreleaser(closes #498) (#504)
  • bcdf91c Enhancement/update dependencies (#508)
  • f143a2d [rpm/configfile] change behaviour when upgrading the package (#503)
  • 52c80c0 Add opampextension (#506)
  • 7e0fd67 Create core distribution component criteria (#500)
  • d9b10e5 docs: add Windows MSI package to distro expectations (#501)
  • aff8845 Bump anchore/sbom-action from 0.15.8 to 0.15.9 (#499)

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