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OpenMetadata 1.3.2 RC1

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What’s New in OpenMetadata 1.3.2 Release

MetaPilot (Collate)

  • New MetaPilot application shipped in preview mode. Try it out in the Sandbox!
  • Get automatically generated descriptions with GenAI. Now it’s easier than ever to document your data assets.
  • Chat with the MetaPilot and get SQL queries to help you extract relevant information from your data assets.
  • Let the MetaPilot help you understand and improve the queries used on your tables.

Authentication Flow

  • Added generic support for OIDC Authentication. This is SSO provider-agnostic.
  • You can now integrate Confidential Clients to manage the server authentication.
  • Now, the session renewal happens automatically in the backend.

Data Quality

  • Pagination support was added for the Data Quality tab for data assets.
  • Fixed an issue with execution summary timeout issue for the data quality test.


  • New Bigtable connector.
  • Now, users can configure the external sample data storage path.
  • Added lineage support for Snowflake materialized view and masking policies.
  • Fixed session invalidation on Databricks during long-running queries.
  • Fixed Ingestion Pipeline list for services with the same name.
  • Fixed an issue with ingesting lineage when data models are ingested from Tableau.
  • Fixed metrics computations for empty tables.
  • Improve PATCH generation for array fields.

Other Changes

  • Avoid creating duplicated queries.
  • Speed up the server start time by moving the Secrets Manager Migration to the migration container.
  • Fixed the issue with the date filter for the Incident Manager.
  • Fixed the issue with the Team filter for Data Insights.
  • Fixed an issue with Azure SSO related to the MSAL version.
  • Fixed an issue with search indexing.
  • Fixed the missing input field for conversation source for alerts and notifications.
  • Filter dashboards by a project on the Explore page.

Full Changelog: 1.3.1-release...1.3.2-rc1-release

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