github onsip/SIP.js 0.17.0

The Session Description Handler has been reworked with tests and documentation added. For users without custom session description handlers, no change will be needed, it is not a breaking change. Existing custom Session Description Handlers will continue to work, unless the old default Session Description Handler was extended (as it's no longer in the same location). For those cases, the old one should be fully copied to your source if you'd like it to continue to work as it did. Extending the old default was not easy, but the new one attempts to rectify this, so in many situations there may be some potential for code cleanup.

Additionally, we will no longer be distributing the webpack-bundled source with our npm package. Importing sip.js has not been using the webpack bundle for several versions, so we anticipate no issue for most users. For those who imported from sip.js/dist/<one of the bundles> or used sip.js/dist in some other fashion, the bundles are still attached to the release notes here, and will continue to be.

Also related to distribution, we now ship with no dependencies and are entirely tree shakeable, so we hope this eliminates a subset of potential issues with bundling and transpiling.


  • Guard contact missing on dialog response (#793)
  • Fix reliable response handling bug (#805)


  • Add ha1 authentication option to digest authentication (#820)
  • Session Description Handler rework (#815)
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15 months ago