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Change Log

Major changes and updates since v1.6.0 release:

Export model in SavedModel format

  • API: “onnx_tf.backend_rep.TensorflowRep.export_graph” and CLI: “convert” will create a TensorFlow SavedModel for user to deploy it in TensorFlow.

Auto data type cast to support data types that are not natively supported by TensorFlow

  • User can set auto_cast=True in API: “onnx_tf.backend.prepare” or CLI: “convert” to enable this auto_cast feature.

Convert model to run in a GPU or CPU environment base on user input

  • User can set device=’CPU’(default) or device=’CUDA’ in API: “onnx_tf.backend.prepare” or CLI: “convert” to set the model inferencing environment.

Support Opset 12 operators

  • All Opset 12 operators are supported except training ops, please refer to for details.

Create graph using tf.function(recommended in tf-2.x) instead of tf.Graph(deprecated in tf-2.x)

  • Used tf.Module as the base class of the converted model
  • Used tf.function to generate the graph automatically

Define a template to compare inference result with other backend

  • Added a model stepping test for MNIST model to compare inference result with ONNX runtime.

Update CI

  • Migrated travis CI from to
  • Updated CI to skip unsupported operators and allow failure against ONNX latest master branch.
latest release: v1.7.0-tf-1.15
3 months ago