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Change Log

Major changes and updates since v1.5.0 release:

Support Tensorflow 2.x and 1.15

  • For production, please use onnx-tf PyPi package for Tensorflow 2.x conversion and use tag v1.6.0-tf-1.15 to build a package from source for Tensorflow 1.15 conversion.
  • For development, please use the master branch for Tensorflow 2.x conversion, and use tf-1.x branch for Tensorflow 1.15 conversion. 
  • tf-1.x branch is for users who cannot upgrade to Tensorflow 2.x yet. This branch will only support up to ONNX OpSet 12 operators. If any user needs to use operators in OpSet 13 or above, please upgrade Tensorflow to 2.x and use the master branch of this repo. By January 1st, 2021 this branch will switch to maintenance mode only, no new development will be added into this branch from then on.

Support dynamic shape inputs 

  • Added to verify the handlers can process dynamic shape inputs.

Support OpSet 11 operators

Python 2.7 support is deprecated

latest releases: v1.7.0-tf-1.15, v1.7.0, v1.6.0-tf-1.15...
7 months ago