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ks_pplns v0.1

docker run --network="host" onemorebsmith/ks_pplns:latest -stratum :5555

** Solo miners & ks_bridge users ignore this**

Prototype client that allows mining to a local node but receiving payouts to the parent pool

By default this will work virtually identically to the ks_bridge. It'll listen for stratum connections on port :5555 and look for a kaspad node at localhost:16110

How it works:

On launch the client will register with the parent pool and receive a pool mining wallet address. This address is used as the coinbase wallet for all blocks mined by the client. As the client accumulates shares, they are periodically submitted to back to the parent pool, who does server-side validation and then logs the shares as normal.

Because mining is done to the local node, there is virtually no latency for mining. Latency for share submission is only used for payout calculations, which is not time-critical as they're done periodically.


I'll open source the client-side of this as soon as I can decouple it from my server-side implementation :)

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