github oneapi-src/oneDNN v3.4.1

latest release: v3.5-pc
22 days ago

This is a patch release containing the following changes to v3.4:

  • Fixed an issue with caching and serialization of primitives in deterministic mode (7ed604a)
  • Introduced memory descriptor serialization API (4cad420, 929a27a, 9b848c8)
  • Fixed incorrect results in fp64 convolution and deconvolution on Intel GPUs based on Xe-LPG architecture (ebe77b5, 0b399ac, d748d64, 9f4f3d5, 21a8cae)
  • Fixed incorrect results in reorder with large sizes on Intel CPUs and GPUs (69a111e, 4b72361, 74a343b)
  • Reduced creation time for deconvolution primitive on Intel CPUs (bec487e, 1eab005)
  • Fixed performance regression in deconvolution on Intel CPUs (fbe5b97, 1dd3c6a)
  • Removed dangling symblols from static builds (e92c404, 6f5621a)
  • Fixed crash during platform detection on some AArch64-based systems (406a079)
  • Fixed performance regression in int8 deconvolution on Intel CPUs (7e50e15)
  • Fixed handling of zero points for matmul in verbose logs converter (15c7916)

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