github ollo69/ha-smartthinq-sensors v0.6.1

latest releases: v0.24.2, v0.24.1, v0.24.0...
20 months ago

Important: this release contain a lot of changes in device attributes control, some issues are possible. Open issue with maximum details but avoid to open duplicated. They will be fixed as soon as possible.
There are also 2 breaking changes in this release, please avoid to open issues related to this

New features

  • Added styler support (not tested)
  • Added multiple sensors for device (initially state is disabled)

Breaking changes

  • A lot of sensor attributes was renamed (removing "mode" and "state" suffix). You need to review your script / template according
  • state "On/Off" was renamed to "on/off" to be compliant with HA status. You need to review script that use this states

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