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1.0.0 — 6 new translations, brand new identity, and more.

latest releases: v1.1.1, v1.1.0
6 years ago


  • New visual identity by @tylerfortune8.
  • Version navigation.
  • Links to latest released version in previous versions.
  • "Why keep a changelog?" section.
  • "Who needs a changelog?" section.
  • "How do I make a changelog?" section.
  • "Frequently Asked Questions" section.
  • New "Guiding Principles" sub-section to "How do I make a changelog?".
  • Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from @tianshuo.
  • German translation from @mpbzh & @Art4.
  • Italian translation from @azkidenz.
  • Swedish translation from @magol.
  • Turkish translation from @karalamalar.
  • French translation from @zapashcanon.
  • Brazilian Portugese translation from @Webysther.
  • Polish translation from @amielucha.
  • Russian translation from @aishek.
  • Czech translation from @h4vry.
  • Slovak translation from @jkostolansky.
  • Korean translation from @pierceh89.


  • Start using "changelog" over "change log" since it's the common usage.
  • Start versioning based on the current English version at 0.3.0 to help
    translation authors keep things up-to-date.
  • Rewrite "What makes unicorns cry?" section.
  • Rewrite "Ignoring Deprecations" sub-section to clarify the ideal
  • Improve "Commit log diffs" sub-section to further argument against
  • Merge "Why can’t people just use a git log diff?" with "Commit log
  • Fix typos in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese translations.
  • Fix typos in Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Fix typos in Turkish translation.
  • Fix typos in Czech translation.
  • Fix typos in Swedish translation.
  • Improve phrasing in French translation.
  • Fix phrasing and spelling in German translation.


  • Section about "changelog" vs "CHANGELOG".

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