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Okteto CLI - 2.16.0

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12 days ago

What's Changed

New Feature

  • Automatically create a namespace if needed while doing okteto up by @AnshulAngaria in #3559
  • Recreating pods in error state by @abs007 in #3360
  • Added new commands for okteto namespace - sleep and wake by @NitishKumar06 in #3479
  • Set the sleep and wake command to perform actions on current namespace by @NitishKumar06 in #3574
  • Modify okteto namespace delete command to delete current namespace if no argument is passed by @NitishKumar06 in #3598

Bug Fix

  • feat: deactivate git pull approach by @jLopezbarb in #3565
  • build empty .dockerignore in tmp dir for remote build if no .oktetodeployignore provided by @AdrianPedriza in #3539
  • Modified the spinner text to mention about destroying dev env by @NitishKumar06 in #3573
  • Remove trailing whitespace on converted JSON log line by @viddo in #3577
  • fix device resource parsing by @The-Loeki in #3566
  • fix git pull approach by @jLopezbarb in #3580
  • default OKTETO_NAMESPACE to space param in credentials query by @maroshii in #3343
  • Add external resources to preview endpoints by @maroshii in #3586
  • Add replicas field in Services to specify the required replicas for services and scale back the original deployment after okteto down by @AnshulAngaria in #3556
  • Remove behaviour of setting service replicas one, if deployment replicas is zero by @AnshulAngaria in #3600
  • Add okteto certificates in remote deploy by @maroshii in #3601
  • [Backport release-2.16] fix endpoints retrieval e2e by @github-actions in #3623
  • [Backport release-2.16] fix(build): expand build args by @github-actions in #3638

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 2.15.3...2.16.0

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