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Version 1.3.1

latest releases: v3.0.1, v3.0.0, v2.1.0...
3 years ago

This release includes the following changes:

  • #322 Adds encoding option FileSystemSource and MemorySource
  • #354 Adds ability to specify id-contributing properties on custom SCOs
  • #346 Certain SCO properties are no longer deprecated
  • #327 Fixes missing 'name' property on Marking Definitions
  • #303 Fixes bug with escaping quotes in patterns
  • #331 Fixes crashing bug of property names that conflict with Mapping methods
  • #337 Fixes bug with detecting STIX version of content when parsing
  • #342, #343 Fixes bug when adding SCOs to Memory or FileSystem Stores
  • #348 Fixes bug with generating deterministic IDs for SCOs
  • #344 Fixes bug with propagating errors from the pattern validator

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