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Version 1.0.0

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4 years ago
  • Adds the Workbench layer API.
  • Adds checks to ensure valid type names are provided.
  • Supports parsing generic custom STIX 2 content without needing to create classes for them.
  • Fixes "Not JSON serializable" error in TAXIICollectionStore.
  • Fixes bug with parsing JSON files in FileSystemStore.
  • Fixes bug with Filters in TAXIICollectionStore.
  • Fixes minor bugs in the patterning API.
  • Fixes bug with ListProperty containing DictionaryProperty.
  • Fixes bug with parsing observables.
  • Fixes bug involving optional properties with default values.
  • Changes custom observable extensions to require properties to be defined as a list of tuples rather than a dictionary.
  • Changes Filters to allow passing a dictionary as a filter value.
  • Changes get_dict to a private function.
  • taxii2-client is now an optional dependency.

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