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What's Changed

  • Fix/extension unpacking error messages by @dnzbk in #166
  • Docker - remove copying default scripts by @phnzb in #170
  • Separate NAS runner (Synology/QNAP) by @phnzb in #171
  • RISC-V 64 Support by @phnzb in #172
  • issue templates by @luckedea in #175
  • Increase develop version to 23.1 by @phnzb in #176
  • Update README by @phnzb in #178
  • Fix and update links in webui by @dnzbk in #177
  • Fix: new stable/testing release notifications by @dnzbk in #181
  • Switching to CMake from autotools by @dnzbk in #182
  • CMake fixes by @dnzbk in #192
  • Fix/v1 extension loader by @dnzbk in #193
  • Fix: compiler and cppcheck warnings by @dnzbk in #197
  • Docker: fix startup chown by @phnzb in #195
  • macOS x64 build support (macOS Mojave 10.14+) by @phnzb in #194
  • Doc:, Cppcheck, refactoring by @dnzbk in #199
  • Fix buffer overflow in CString::AppendFmtV by @B4dM4n in #208
  • Windows: add version info, cmake migrate, update unpackers by @phnzb in #203
  • macOS x64 build fixes and updates by @phnzb in #211
  • Fix: extension dynamic options by @dnzbk in #209
  • Docker fixes and updates by @phnzb in #215
  • fix: removed changing ownership at the beginning of container start by @kylhuk in #218
  • Docker: fix fresh install by @phnzb in #219
  • Dark theme, NZBGet Icon update by @dnzbk in #214
  • Fix: dark theme on Linux by @dnzbk in #220
  • Fix file/directory permissions after unpacking by @dnzbk in #222
  • New macOS icon without bg by @dnzbk in #226
  • NewsServer Add UI - Default encryption and ports by @dnzbk in #225
  • Add support for the"nzbgetMinVersion" property in "manifest.json" by @dnzbk in #227
  • Fix files/dirs permissions overridden by the unpacker by @dnzbk in #229
  • Docker: support native unrar building by @phnzb in #231
  • DEB/RPM packages support by @phnzb in #230
  • Fix: include linux packages in testing release by @phnzb in #233

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