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2 years ago

v7.21.0 (2021-08-19)




  • df57f0d53 @npmcli/run-script@1.8.6
  • 8183976cf normalize-package-data@3.0.3:
    • fix: account for "licence" as spelling variant
  • f07772401 init-package-json@2.0.4
  • 991a3bd39 read-package-json@4.0.0
  • e9e5ee560 @npmcli/arborist@2.8.2:
    • fix: treat top-level global packages as "top" nodes
    • fix: load global symlinks implicitly as file: deps
    • fix(reify): debug crash when extracting into symlink
    • fix: node_modules must be a directory
    • fix: make Node.children() a case-insensitive Map
    • fix(reify): verify existing deps in nm are dirs
  • b6f40b5f8 tar@6.1.10:
    • fix: prune dirCache properly for unicode, windows
    • fix: reserve paths properly for unicode, windows
    • fix: prevent path escape using drive-relative paths
    • fix: drop dirCache for symlink on all platforms
  • 218cacadc is-core-module@2.6.0
  • 7ac621cd1 smart-buffer@4.2.0
  • 94f92de13 make-fetch-happen@9.0.5
  • 71cdfd898 spdx-license-ids@3.0.10:
    • update license list to v3.14

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