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2 years ago

v7.20.6 (2021-08-12)


  • 5bebf280f tar@6.1.8
    • fix: reserve paths case-insensitively
  • 5d89de44d tar@6.1.7:
    • fix: normalize paths on Windows systems
  • a1bdbea97 #3569 remove byte-size (@wraithgar)
  • 61782fa85 @npmcli/map-workspaces@1.0.4:
    • fix: better error message for duplicate workspace names
  • b88f770fa @npmcli/arborist@2.8.1:
    • [#3632] Fix "cannot read property path of null" error in 'npm dedupe'
    • fix(shrinkwrap): always set name on the root node


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