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2 years ago

v7.18.0 (2021-06-17)




  • 6b951c042 libnpmversion@1.2.1:
    • fix(retrieve-tag): pass match in a way git accepts
  • de820a021 npm-package-arg@8.1.5:
    • fix: Make file: URLs (mostly) RFC 8909 compliant
  • 16a95c647 @npmcli/arborist@2.6.3:
    • fix(inventory) handle old and british forms of 'license'
    • fix: removes [_complete] check to apply correct metadata
    • ensure node.fsParent is not set to node itself
    • fix extraneous deps on load-actual
  • d341bd86c make-fetch-happen@9.0.3:
    • fix: implement cache modes correctly
  • c90612cf5 libnpmexec@2.0.0:
    • use new npxCache option

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