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2 years ago

v7.16.0 (2021-06-03)


  • e92b5f2ba npm-registry-fetch@11.0.0
    • feat: improved logging of cache status




  • 54de5c6a4 npm-package-arg@8.1.4:
    • fix: trim whitespace from fetchSpec
    • fix: handle file: when root directory begins with a special character
  • e92b5f2ba make-fetch-happen@9.0.1
    • breaking: complete refactor of caching. drops warning headers, prevents cache indexes from growing for every request, correctly handles varied requests to the same url, and now caches redirects.
    • fix: support url-encoded proxy authorization
    • fix: do not lazy-load proxy agents or agentkeepalive. fixes the intermittent failures to update npm on slower connections. npm-registry-fetch@11.0.0
    • breaking: drop handling of deprecated warning headers
    • docs: fix header type for npm-command
    • docs: update registry param
    • feat: improved logging of cache status
  • 23c50a45f make-fetch-happen@9.0.2:
    • fix: work around negotiator's lazy loading


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