github npm/cli v7.12.0

latest releases: libnpmpack-v6.0.1, libnpmfund-v4.1.1, libnpmexec-v7.0.1...
2 years ago




  • d01ce5e13 libnpmexec@1.1.0:
    • feat: add walk up dir lookup to satisfy local bins
  • 81c1dfaaa @npmcli/arborist@2.4.2:
    • fix(add): save packages in the right place
    • fix(reify): do not clean up nodes with no parent
    • fix(audit): support alias specs & root package names
  • 87c2303ea @npmcli/git@2.0.9:
    • fix(clone): Do not allow git replacement objects by default
  • 99ff40dff npm-packlist@2.2.0:
    • feat(npmignore): Do not force include history, changelogs, notice
    • fix(package.json): add missing bin/index.js to files

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